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Thursday 17 November 2011

Polythene vs. Chickenwire?

So - you have a polytunnel that, for some reason, some passerby sometimes decides to de-skin. When they do this, it costs at least £130 to re-skin it, along with a lot of lost time which should be spent doing gardening and improving the allotment.

Now, we've heard from several people that putting chickenwire over the top of the polytunnel will help protect it from being slashed, and that the bits need to be held together by ties. We had a think, and worked out that we couldn't tie the wire together by putting it on afterwards, so we cable-tied it all together and then attempted to roll it over the top of the polytunnel....

Well - it didn't work! The chicken wire dug into the plastic and we had to abandon before we did the vandals work for them. We've left the wire in a roll but we hope we'll get some advice soon, so we can finish the job. A word of praise for the volunteers who didn't run off shouting in exasperation when Tracey called a halt to proceedings.

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