Welcome to the Secret Garden behind Bobber's Mill in Nottingham

Welcome to Windmill Community Gardens, home of the Climate Friendly Gardeners Project.

We are a group of local people, helped by Groundwork Greater Nottingham, who are resurrecting a wonderful community garden in the heart of the city. You'll find us at the South end of Ascot Road, near Collins Cash and Carry. The Gardens are a great place where anyone can come to find out more about growing their own food in a changing climate. We cater for all abilities and welcome any nationality or age group.

Why not come and join us?

Friday, 9 April 2021

We have been busy constructing at Windmill

 Windmill Community Gardens may look different next time you visit !

Over the last few months, a lot of construction work has been going on at Windmill Gardens, ably led by James. Here are some examples:


Five compost bins made from pallets and decking, already in use.  The pallets used were free from harmful preservatives.  Assia also made a moveable one:

James and his team have also created these very robust supports for our Raspberry canes and moved on to using the sleepers that we were kindly donated by Selco, into new benches around the fire:

From left to right: Tracey, Bryn, John and James, working on the replacement benches.

In the autumn, James and Clare improved our Pizza oven by creating a new roof.  We had previously replaced the clay oven covering and are now considering adding a chimney.  Role on summer when we can all benefit.

Most recently we had a long awaited visit from three workers from Nottingham City Homes, who replaced the really awkward bike lock on the "painted shed", with two new padlocks:

Steve from Nottingham City Homes at work.

Over the Easter weekend, James ad Clare have been at work constructing steps into our new allotment as the ground level is much lower.  The next two construction projects will be in the new space and a bit bigger.  First the pond, which we are digging, because the new allotment is very wet and we need the soil to create a raised pad for the new outdoor classroom to sit on.  Fortunately we have been offered help by the Fire brigade with the digging, but welcome extra volunteers to help with the more complex work of creating a wildlife pond.  Then, once the funding is in place, we will move on to the outdoor classroom.  Plans for this have not been finalised yet, but again, we will need volunteers to help with the construction.

Rosie Jarrett 7.04.2021

Friday, 5 March 2021



  Life is speeding up at Windmill Community Gardens.  James, Bryn and John and others, have been busy creating several new compost bins over the winter, which are now ready to fill.  Next we will be moving on to creating new benches around the fire with eight wooden sleepers, kindly donated by Selco in Basford.  Then there are the bed edges that need replacing, we are still looking for timber for that.  We also have a new path from the gate, along by the hedge.  We are redesigning Mohi and Mohamed's garden area near the gate, so it is ready for when the venture down to windmill again with their baby.  They both have disabilities, so need a separate area to work in.  We are going to add a covered growing space and seating area.

The onions, garlic and broad beans that we planted in the autumn are showing themselves to the world.  In the polytunnel, the spinach and salad greens are rejuvenating after their winter rest and we picked some yesterday.  The little creatures haven't been so active, so I hope that the peppermint oil on cotton wool balls, that I used to deter them from eating the lettuce, has worked.  Unfortunately, they have used the cotton wool balls in the shed to create a nest - recycling at its best!  Meanwhile we have been busy planting up herbs, vegetables and flowers in trays to germinate.  We only have one person working in the polytunnel at a time, so this is taking longer than usual, but we are persevering.

We have not made any definite plans for coming out of lockdown yet, but we are meeting on the 16th of March, so will discuss it then.  Nothing will change until March 29th, when the "Rule of six", meeting outside will return.  Then there will probably be further relaxtions on April 12th.  We will also be planning the Art Exhibition that we are going to hold in the early summer.  This is to replace the Feel Good Garden Party that we normally hold, as we felt that having a lot of people on the site at once and activities like massage, wouldn't be suitable.  If you, or anyone that you know, is an artist (Professional, or amateur) , and would like to exhibit, please get in touch. 

In the meantime, if you have artistic leanings, why not join us in creating our very own Troll?  Tracey has received instructions from the creators of this one at the Lost Gardens of  Helligan, in Cornwall and construction is already underway.  Please call Tracey on - 07816899978 if you want to take part.  We also have three more zoom workshops, open to all and free to participate :  Create your own Dream Diary - Saturday 13th March 10.30am.  Clever, Useful and Fun, Plastic Bottle Crafts - Wednesday 17th March 10.30am. and Baskets from Household Bits and Bobs - Saturday 20th March 10.30am.  Please go to our Facebook page to book: (4) Windmill Community Gardens | Facebook

Rosie Jarrett 5th March 2021

Monday, 22 February 2021

Windmill Spring Workshop Zooms to Lift the Spirits


Our Spring workshops are on Zoom this year. We're aiming to help you to try some craft and mindfulness activities - things that will bring you fun and good feelings. See below for what you'll need for each activity and how to book a place on the Zoom. Each Zoom will have 8 places, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Session 1 - 24th February, 10.30am - How to turn a tin can into a beautiful lantern.

You'll need an empty tin can, a small hammer, a nail and a hand-towel for this one! If you haven't got any of those resources, we can help you get hold of them. There is a bit of preparation - you'll need to fill the can with water, and put it in the freezer at least 2 days before the zoom, so it has chance to freeze solid. The ice then stops the can from getting squashed as you use the nail to tap holes into it. If you can't take part but would just like to watch, let us know.

Send us a cooment to book your place, and we'll send you the Zoom link for the session.

Session 2 - 27th February, 10.30am - Design a daily wellbeing ritual

What is a Ritual? Why do we need them and benefit from them? How can they help us to get through difficult times or celebrate good times or achievements? Come along to design your own daily wellbeing ritual. It might just change your life for the better.

You may not finish your design completely in the zoom session but hopefully you will be inspired and on the way.

Please bring:

a note pad and pen,  

a tea light and something to light it with

a shallow jam jar to put your tea light in when its lit.   

Also bring your open mind. Lets get feeling a little bit better each day and see how we go from there!

Booking three days in advance essential - Just comment below that you'd like a spot.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Windmill Community Gardens Imbolc Post


  So, we can feel the first stirrings of spring at the garden.  As, Pete, one of our neighbouring allotment holders said, "You know its spring, when the Ground Elder starts growing".  What is underground, becomes overground,  and the gardening year begins again.  There have been a couple of hardy Hellebores flowering overwinter, but because of the cold weather, not much else.  We have been feeding the birds with fat balls and seed, which has been much appreciated, particularly by the Robins.  The lettuce and spinach that we have in the poly tunnel have been feeding the wildlife too.  We are not sure what variety, but I have put down some cotton wool balls soaked with Peppermint oil, as the rats are not fond of them.  Previously I used vinegar, but this obviously wasn't a deterrent as several of them disappeared, presumably to make nests.

Despite the weather, volunteers have been busy pruning the fruit bushes and thinning Raspberries.  Along with Tracey, they even managed to Wassail the Apple tree.  Please see our Facebook page for a video of this: (6) Facebook

We have been carrying out general maintenance in preparation for the coming planting season and making plans for seating areas and covered seating for Mohi and Mohamed.  Also Tracey has grand plans to create an earth sculpture under the tree near the gate, similar to the ones at Helligan:

 And now:


Yes, at last the Windmill Gardens Committee have given us permission to take on the next allotment.  This will give us a much larger space in which to build an outdoor classroom, so we can carry on with activities during the winter and when the weather is bad.  However there is a slight hitch - the next door allotment is very wet.  We will need to dig a pond to contain the excess water, then make a mound out of the dug earth.  We will then put the building on pads.  So we will be after your muscles over the next few months.  We do not have a final design yet, but we are thinking of a wooden structure with a sloping roof, possibly with windows, or  doors, on one side.  We are joining with Refugee Roots to fund the project, as they enjoy using the site for meetings and gardening and would like shelter for the winter.

In the mean time, we are carrying out an experiment to see which of the thousands of seeds we have instore are viable.  Tracey has been giving out samples of seeds to volunteers to germinate at home, using damp tissue paper, as in the photo.  Then we will know which to plant and which to discard.

We have decided not to hold our normal Feel Good Garden Party in the summer, as we don't know yet what Covid restrictions will be in place.  Instead, we are going to hold a weekend Art Exhibition in the early summer.  This means that a few people can enter the allotment at a time.  If you are a budding artist, or know someone who is, please start thinking about what you could do.  There will be some undercover space, but it will be mainly outdoor.

For more news, see our Facebook page: (6) Windmill Community Gardens | Facebook

Rosie Jarrett 04.02.2021

Friday, 4 December 2020

Wreath Making Workshop Saturday 12th December - in person and online

Join us for a wreath making workshop with a difference. We'll be giving away the materials you need for your wreath on Saturday 12th December from 10am until 1pm. Just book a slot to collect by messaging us. Then we'll be having a Zoom workshop at 2pm, so you can make the wreaths in the comfort of your own home!

We'll supply 

- either a ready-made willow or grape-vine wreath ring or willow rods to make your own

- some fir or spruce branches

- ivy

- holly

- a ribbon

- some other bits and bobs!

Materials are free but we'd appreciate any donation you feel you can make. 

If you'd like to book a slot for picking up materials, message below. If you can't leave your home for some reason, also let us know and we'll help get the materials to you if we can. 

The Zoom link for the 2pm workshop is HERE or if you prefer, message us for the meeting ID and code.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Get Your Stocking Fillers Here and Support Windmill!

If you're looking for some local Christmas gifts, we can help! Message us if you're interested in our fabulous jams and other gifts, or taking out or giving a gift membership of "Friends of Windmill Community Gardens". Click on each item for the price. If you're a "Friends" member, then you get 20% off the produce prices quoted here. Message us to order.

Get free seeds and concessions for workshops and much more. 
A Friends of membership is £11, £16 for a family and £40 for an organisation. 

A gorgeous crimson jelly that looks as good as it tastes. £3 or 2 for £5.
Members get 20% off. Made with Fair-trade sugar. 340g jar.

Beautiful lavender bags. A perfect stocking filler. £1.

Japanese quince membrillo - made with whole fruit to give a really full taste. It slices to make a perfect accompaniment for cheese and the ruby colour looks fantastic on a festive cheese board. £3, or £2.50 for Friends members. Made with Fair-trade sugar, and flavoured with organic lemon.

A delicious soft-set jam which works well on bread but also makes a wonderful topping for vanilla ice cream. It is named for its texture, so has no butter in it. Made with Fair-trade sugar, and flavoured with organic lemon and cardamom. £3 or 2 for £5. Members get 20% off. 340g jar.

Damson jam is always our most popular variety.

Made with Fair-trade sugar. £3 or 2 for £5. Members get 20% off. 340g jar.

Japanese quince membrillo - made with whole fruit to give a really full taste. This is spreadable but otherwise tastes the same as the slicing version. Membrillo is the original marmalade, so it's the perfect topping for breakfast toast. £3, or £2.50 for Friends members. Made with Fair-trade sugar, and flavoured with organic lemon.

Lovely on toast and amazing stirred into yoghurt. Apple butter is named for its texture and has no butter in it, just apples with cinnamon with a pinch of mixed spice. £3 or 2 for £5. Members get 20% off. 340g jar.