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Thursday 10 November 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Well - here goes... We began the process of re-covering the polytunnel today (or should that be re-re-covering?!)

Dan and Ellis remove the batons attaching the old, damaged plastic to the tunnel structure

We decided it was worth the risk, because we've worked to make the fences and gates more secure, and hopefully the plastic-pincher has got themselves a fair selection already. We can but hope!

There are some issues... First, though we love Mike Gosnall dearly, and found his help covering the tunnel the first 2 times very valuable, we kind of thought we might have got the idea of how to do it now, so we've had a go on our own. Secondly, it's not as warm as it was the last 2 times we did this, and that might be a problem, as it makes it more difficult to stretch the plastic over the hoops and can mean it then gets baggy. We're actually going to stretch it more when we finish it next week.

Mostly finished polytunnel - not yet fully stretched though

Anyway, we tried and we've managed to create something that looks a bit like what Mike helped us do, but we'll see what it looks like next week, assuming no-one has "modified" it for us by then... Well done to Helen, Dan, Ellis, Mel and Craig who helped do the job.

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