Welcome to the Secret Garden South of Bobber's Mill Bridge in Nottingham

Welcome to Windmill Community Gardens, home of the Climate Friendly Gardeners Project.

We are a group of local people, who are nurturing a wonderful community garden in the heart of the city. You'll find us just South of Bobbersmill Bridge, on the allotment site at the South end of Ascot Road. The Gardens are a great place where anyone can come to find out more about growing their own food in a changing climate. We cater for all abilities and welcome any nationality or age group.

Why not come and join us?

Friday 20 May 2022

Exciting News!

We asked you to vote for us, and you did!! Thank you so much!

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We are delighted to tell you that we've won a Silver Award of £10,000 from Severn Trent Community Fund which will allow us to create a ramp to link up our current garden with a new area we've taken on!

This area floods in Winter, so the grant will also allow us to put in a raised path so we can make use of the site when it's wet, and it means we can put in a much needed pond + liner and some wonderful native plants. 

We'll be using some of the money to put in a lot more water storage on site, so more of the rain falling on the area can be used in the Summer when it's needed.

Monday 2 May 2022

 The Supershed is Officially Open!

The official opening of our new Supershed! Thanks so much to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Merlita Bryan, for doing the honors and cutting the ribbon. We also have a huge number of people to thank for the creation of the shed, which was built for us bespoke, by James Trickey and a team of willing volunteers who he taught a wide variety of skills along the way. Funding for this much-needed building came mainly from the Health Lottery, with additional help from Castle Cavendish. With prices rising everywhere, the funding was only just able to stretch due to the generosity of many local suppliers who gave us discounts and freebies, including Lomax, Wickes, Permaroof, UK Timber's local sawmill and Irony (metal fabricators). Thanks to all!
We're really looking forward to having a useful space for cold and wet weather, which we know will help some of our volunteers to keep coming over the winter months instead of being isolated, and improve our ability to be a welcoming space for the whole community!