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Tuesday 8 November 2011

More cooking in the dark

We had another visit from the Killisick group tonight. Because they meet in the evenings, we need to think of things to do in the dark, so this time we did a session on "Fire and Feeling" - with the group working together to light a fire only using matches and a small amount of paper apart from the wood (which they did very well).

We had also set up a "feely trail" which the group got round very well, although it was cloudy, which meant it wasn't quite as dark as we'd hoped because of the reflection of the street-lights on the clouds. Still - a bit of fun and a chance to try out some other senses.

Then we returned to the fire to make popcorn and apple pancakes, washed down with hot chocolate. It also gave the group a chance to have a chat about some issues before they went home.

A big thank you to Ellis and Mel who helped set up, and special thanks Ellis, for staying until the end to keep Tracey company.

Eco Note:

The aim of the fire, and using it to cook on, was partly to start a discussion about using renewable energy, as the wood we use was all cut from the site, and we aim to only use our own wood, from our coppiced willow, as this will keep growing, making our cooking carbon neutral. One of the group raised a very interesting question - "what about the matches?" He has a point, especially as Tracey has a flint and steel which should do the job quite nicely, so in future, we will aim to use that instead. We will also have a go at making char-cloth, as this is great for lighting fires, and a good use of really worn-out cotton clothing.

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