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Thursday 29 January 2015

Amazing Staying Power!

I was really impressed today by the hardy bunch of volunteers who stayed on despite the snow!

Is that Jon, or an abominable snowman?

We were trying to get the long-awaited bottle fence done, but the snow held us up as we needed to paint preservative on the wood before fitting it all together, and it was too wet and cold for the paint to dry. However, un-daunted, the wonderful group helped us to prepare the plastic bottles to put on the fence, and to create some more ice lanterns, which we will be displaying on Light Night on Friday 6th, outside Marks and Spencer by St. Peter's Church.

Some of the wonderful lanterns that will be on display on Light
Night outside M&S

Making more gorgeous lanterns
Plastic bottle beads, all ready to thread on the fence

We also managed to cook Tracey's famous pumpkin risotto with some of the last of our winter squashes (the ones you need an axe to open, but they taste good!). Only problem was that we were working in the polytunnel, so we needed to use the gas-bottle stoves. In this temperature, the gas stops coming out of the canisters after a while, so we had to recruit warm-bodied volunteers to put the spare canister under their armpits. That meant that when the gas got a bit weak, we could just swap over the canisters. It took around 5 swaps, but the risotto got cooked, and was pronounced delicious!

Checking the risotto - need to keep the lid on to keep the
heat in, in this weather.

Lunch in full swing. 11 happy people got fed.

Brian's the new sheriff in town - and reports that the hat keeps
his head nice and toasty!

Gabby proves she's a gem by washing up. Though she may
have just been taking the chance to get warm hands!

Mac and Greg did a great job outside, whilst the rest of us were cowering indoors, cutting brambles to create a better barrier in an area where our fencing is a bit poor.

Mac and Greg - "natural security fences r us".

We also made very sure to top up the bird food, as the forecast is for really cold weather, and it can be the difference between life and death for them.

Thanks to everyone from Gateway to Nature who worked on, and to all our lovely volunteers. We're hoping we can make the fence next Thursday, so if you fancy a go, come along and see. We think you'll like what we make!

Tracey makes a bid for the "silly hat of the session" title that
Joyce won last week.

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