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Welcome to Windmill Community Gardens, home of the Climate Friendly Gardeners Project.

We are a group of local people, who are nurturing a wonderful community garden in the heart of the city. You'll find us just South of Bobbersmill Bridge, on the allotment site at the South end of Ascot Road. The Gardens are a great place where anyone can come to find out more about growing their own food in a changing climate. We cater for all abilities and welcome any nationality or age group.

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Thursday 6 June 2013

How to cheat at Asparagus and other stories...

We are very proud of our asparagus plot at Windmil. We put it in last year, and despite the sodden weather and lack of sun, it survived and thrived. Now we have evidence that all of the plants made it through the Winter too. Only problem is that asparagus is not the plant for the garden equivalent of a quick fling - it's a plant for a long-term commitment. That means we can admire it this year, but not eat any until next year. Tracey thought it would be good for the team to get a taste of it even so, so with a purchase from a well known supermarket, we managed to give everyone a chance to try it, along with a dish made from some of the greens we grow and feta cheese. The verdict?  Yum!

Carrie enjoys her lunch.

Ray reports he'll happily eat this again.

In the meantime, we had lots of gardening to do, as we're getting things ready for the next big planting session. Everyone has put in lots of weeding time - even as weed-tolerant as we are, we have to try to grow stuff we want, and to remove the less useful weeds.

We were also joined by new recruit Annette, who is Polish and is learning English. She did a grand job, despite all the instructions to leave the more insect-friendly weeds.

Annette gets into weeding in English.

Lizzie and Chris tackle the keyhole bed.
Red orach can be too much of a good thing

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