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Welcome to Windmill Community Gardens, home of the Climate Friendly Gardeners Project.

We are a group of local people, who are nurturing a wonderful community garden in the heart of the city. You'll find us just South of Bobbersmill Bridge, on the allotment site at the South end of Ascot Road. The Gardens are a great place where anyone can come to find out more about growing their own food in a changing climate. We cater for all abilities and welcome any nationality or age group.

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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Winter on Wednesday

What a week! We went from Winter on Wednesday to warm Spring on Thursday - we hope the wildlife isn't as confused as we are!

We decided to go ahead with the Wednesday session, but moved it to the Groundwork because there was a fun little job to do there, and, more importantly, an inside space with heating so we could thaw out! When you look at the photos, we hope you'll realise that we weren't being too namby pamby even so...

Pete and Carrie are hardy souls, so they joined Tracey despite the weather, but sensibly wearing LOTS off layers. We were aiming to revamp the planters outside the Groundwork office. These are designed to show that an ornamental display can provide colour, wildlife interest and food for humans. Each one has a clematis and a lavender to attract bees and butterflies, and they also provide some spinach and red chard to eat for those who know where to look.

Pete and Carrie make a start on tidying up the first planter

We added primulas for colour and more wildlife interest, as well as tulips and forgetmenots which will provide a nice surprise later on.

Almost finished the second planter!

I have to say, this was the first time we've ever planted something and not been able to work out how good the planting looked because it was so covered in snow by the time we had finished! Well done all!

Just in case you don't believe us about the snow...

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