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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Clay-oven tastic - Forest Fields harvest, cook and eat

Tuesday was a great way to start what will be a busy week. Some of our friends from the Forest Fields Primary School garden club visited to make apple juice, test out the clay oven and see how the site has progressed since their Spring visit.

Lauren, head gardener at Forest Fields, helps
the group get into apple juicing
The group soon got stuck in. Tracey was impressed at how fast they mastered processing and squeezing the apples. It took them almost no time at all to clean, cut and core the apples. Then the pieces went into the scratter - the gadget that crushes and cuts them to help bring the juice out. Once all the apples were mushed, the next job was pressing the fruit. This requires lots of effort, but Forest Fields obviously grow them fit, because they soon had the apple juice flowing.

Here comes the juice!
Meanwhile, Tracey had prepared some bread dough, which the group shaped into pizza bases. They added tomato sauce, and gathered and sliced onions and tomatoes to top it, followed by some cheese. We're still in test mode on the oven, having managed a burnt on the outside, raw on the inside pizza the first time we tried, so we were interested to see how it went. We put the pizzas on foil that we turned up at the edges to shield the sides. The aim was to get the base really hot and cooked through without burning the top and it worked pretty well. The pizzas were ready just in time for the group to munch them on the way back to the school.

Shaping the pizzas

A finished pizza, fresh out of the oven - yum!

It was great to have the Forest Fields gardeners, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

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