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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Outreach at the Acorn Day Centre

Today, Tracey went to the Acorn Day Centre, which is in the Mary Potter Centre in Hyson Green. We enjoy going to Acorn, or inviting the centre users to Windmill, as they are a great crowd and very good at providing refreshments if we visit them!  Tracey's job was to help some pupils from Berridge Junior School to plant up the main growing bed there to provide some crops and some herbs, as well as interest for butterflies and bees. It may sound like a bit of a tall order, but the growing bed is huge, so there was plenty of room. 

The Weeding Team get on with the job

The Berridge group did a fantastic job. As the group weeded really carefully, pairs of pupils took it in turn to plant up the bed. The first worked to plant strawberries, the second group worked on herbs and butterfly plants and the last group put in a variety of vegetables.

Pupils helped to put in lots of strawberry plants,
within easy reach of the edge of the bed.

Bee friendly plants going in at one end of
the big bed

Putting herbs around the edge of the bed so
they are easy to reach and smell.

After all their efforts, the Acorn folk provided some well-earned drinks and biscuits, which were much appreciated. 

Well done to the whole Berridge Team

Once the group said their goodbyes, a few of the centre users had a bit of time to come and help (they'd all been busy with actvities when we first arrived - it's a busy place!). They helped Tracey to plant beans and tomatoes and to make sure that all the plants were properly watered.

Some volunteers from Acorn helped to finish the job.
We are hoping to go back in a week or so, to help finish off the work, putting in some ornamental planting and wiring up the pergola to provide support for the new grape vines and other climbers. 

The place should soon be looking spectacular!

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