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Thursday 1 March 2012

Spring is here - or is it?!

Well what glorious weather we had today! It definitely felt like the warmest day of the year so far and what an enjoyable and productive session it made for.  In Tracey's absence, Craig managed proceedings fantastically as always and was joined by Helen, Philippa, Rosy, Chris, Ellis, Dan and last, but by no means least, a very familiar face from the beginning of the project had made his return - Matt!

The session was very mixed and matched in terms of duties as there were many small but essential tasks which took place.  Firstly, Rosy and the men began the mammoth task of sawing up the branches from the trees which we took down during the snowy session and cut them up into manageable logs for the fire pit.  Meanwhile, Helen and Phillipa gave the strawberry beds a good tidy up by removing any weeds - dandelions proved to be the worst culprits for taking over. Helen also took it upon herself to prune the fuscia bush within the blue barrel and deadhead the primulas in the sensory garden.

While this all took place in the first half of the session, the second half was mostly devoted to flattening out the grassy area around where our memorial bench to Paula Dixon will be situated.  While this area will be turned into a lawn and grass was already growing there, it was growing into clumps making the ground lumpy so many of these had to be dug out to achieve a flatter surface.  We also found that the ground was sloping at a rather odd angle so we were require to level out the soil by raking - and having great fun jumping up and down! Finally, the seeds (vegetables and flowers) and newly planted primulas were given a much needed water.

All in all, it had been a fun and enjoyable day, and it definitely felt like Spring had arrived, or may be even Summer! This was not a time to get comfortable though, as the weather was to go downhill again by the weekend. We are hoping it will improve for the next session, however.

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