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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Apple Pressing and a Trip to EcoWorks

Wednesdays at Windmill are often quite calm and a chance to get things organised. This week was a bit different, as we had a chance to go to a workshop day at EcoWorks in St. Anns, organised by the Federation of City Farms and Community Growers - (we're members, and it's a great organisation).

Ellis, Jools and Helen went to the get-together, whilst Tracey stayed behind as we had a group of children from Mellers Primary who were keen to come to find out about making apple juice.

The small group from Mellers had a great time, first tasting a variety of different apples, then learning useful knife skills in chopping the apples ready for processing to make sure they were clean with no blemishes. They found out that the machine used to cut up and squash the apples before pressing them is called a scratter, and quickly became a good team, working to get the apples through. We then put the press into action and made lots of lovely juice.

Preparing the apples helped pupils with their knife skills

Using the scratter to crush the apples - the pupils loved the name of the machine

The first juice appears

The pupils really enjoyed tasting the juice, and proudly carried off bottles of the extra juice to give their class mates a taste. Thank you to the Dig In Community Allotment who lent us their apple press and scratter.

Helen and Ellis have a go at bread-making at Ecoworks

Tracey then hurried off to EcoWorks to join the rest of the group. They had been finding out about engaging the community and veg box schemes, and after a wonderful home-cooked lunch, we then went on to do some bread making followed by a tour of the allotments which was fascinating and gave us lots of ideas. We had a great time - thanks to the Fed and to Ecoworks. If you'd like to find out more about the organisations, have a look at the links below.

Ecoworks - www.ecoworks.org.uk

The Federation of City Farms and Community Growers - www.farmgarden.org.uk

Dig In Community Allotment - http://www.diginstapleford.org.uk/

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