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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Goodbye to our Matt

Well, today was a fantastic day at Windmill, and also a sad one, as Matt is leaving for a job in Sheffield.

We started by presenting Matt with a cake and a card to say thank you for all his help at the allotment. Then we put him to work!

Matt's cake - a caterpillar - fitting for an allotment!

Matt, Ray, Chris, Dan and Ellis all took it in turns to make the heat-sink hole deeper, stopping only when a huge slab of concrete was revealed at the bottom of the hole. After a while trying to break through it, we decided that the whole thing was deep enough, and just made it a bit wider to compensate.
Chris gets stuck in to deepen the heat-sink hole.  Matt and Dan enjoy watching.
Ray takes a turn

Matt and Ray make sure that our newest recruit is wearing full safety gear...

Tinny wearing safety goggles.

Meanwhile, all kinds of planting was taking place, with our new bathroom suite getting the Windmill treatment (thanks to Ray for suggesting and sourcing it, and to Jade for collecting and delivering it).
Philippa and Mark had a think and then arranged the loo, cistern, sink and pedestal so they could get as much planting room out of it as possible. They have planted it up with carrots, french beans, radishes, beetroot and lettuces, and we are looking forward to seeing how good a crop we get.

Mark and Philippa arrange "the primrose suite"

Phil plants up the pedestal 

Mark waters the loo

Well done all for a really productive day. We hope that Matt will come back to visit whenever he's in the area and we wish him well in his new job.

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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to the term watering the loo:)