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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Grow Your Own at Woodthorpe Park

This is the second year of the Grow Your Own event at Woodthorpe Park, and we were delighted to be offered a stall there again this year. It's a fun event, and a chance for the city's allotment groups to get together and compare notes on the year's crops. The verdict this year? Rubbish!

Having said that, many groups had still managed to grow really impressive crops of lovely looking fruit and veg, and we thought that our display wasn't too shabby either. Credit should go to Dan and Ellis. Tracey basically dropped them off at the site with all the stuff and then left them to it whilst she went to get Sibel and Mark. By the time she returned, they had created a rather lovely "horn of plenty" style display with our produce, as well as putting up the display boards, so full marks for initiative and creativity fellas!

The display the guys put together - gorgeous!

The stall attracted lots of interest

We also created quite a bit of interest with out pocket vine tomatoes. These strange beasties seem to be tomatoes crossed with mutated raspberries - lots of tomatolets(?) all joined together. They are very tomatoey, though not as sweet as some, but make great sauces. Last year, we'd won a prize for weirdest veg, and hoped to win with these, but the category had been changed to best animal made with fruit and veg, so we didn't get to defend the title! Not to worry, the pocket vines ensured lots of folk stopped to see what they were and then got chatting.

Some pocket vines on the vine

Sibel and Mark did a great job setting up seed wraps for folk to take away, and we also gave away the produce for a donation. We managed to raise well over £60, which was a nice bonus, and also found that people were really interested in coming to our Apple Harvest Celebration, so we're hoping to get lots of entries for our produce competitions.

The gang at Woodthorpe

A great day, and thanks to the volunteers - you did a great job!

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