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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rhubarb, rhubarb!

We all agree that one thing an allotment needs is a good rhubarb patch. And we didn't have one, so we were delighted when we were offered the money to pay for 3 plants for us as a thank you from a visiting group.

Tracey went off to Cool Temperate Nurseries at Cossall, to get advice from Phil Corbett who runs the place and has been great in supplying us with soft fruit bushes that work well in local conditions. He supplied us with a very early rhubarb, and also a mid-season and a late one, so we should have plenty of choice once they establish.

The team worked really hard to get the beds well dug over and improved with compost to give the rhubarb a good start, so we have high hopes.

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